Our rug designs come in various beautiful styles, shapes and color variations. Contemporary, baroque, with subtle shades or busy creations, light or dark colors, geometric, floral and ornamental patterns. A certified product for heavy commercial use and recommended for areas with heavy traffic as well as residential use. Fantastic color and print quality, with an excellent feel and high sound absorption.

Beautiful rugs combine highly qualitative material and color technology. YO2 rugs will enrich your lives and living spaces with new ideas that bring a twist of classic influences into contemporary creations. A marriage of unpretentious beauty and timeless rug art.

What defines our rugs production is the use of the pioneer printing concept which allows creativity to be combined with process color technology for extreme clarity, speed and also the ability of offering different qualities. The Chromojet 800 printer achieves incredible divers yet accurate tones through mixing 16 basic shades and using 76dpi (nine dots per mm²) reproduction to create an unlimited mix of colours. Further to the above process colour technology has numerous advantages such as lees dye waste, fewer cleaning cycles and less energy consumption, wide range of colour printing and no minimum requirements.

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