Angelica Tcherassi

Angelica Tcherassi Colombian Product Designer and Abstract Artist based in Barcelona, Spain.

“CREATION_ A little part of you set free into this world”…

In the hopes that through emotions, vibrations, feelings we get to contribute to a better world, a better state of consciousness, and a better understanding of who we are and where we are going. As Designers we wear our hearts on our sleeves, as Artists we lose freight of being vulnerable. As through our work, we bare our soul out into the open, not to be judged, but to connect in other ways otherwise unknown. CREATED TO CREATE.

Dreaming with her eyes wide open. Angelica Tcherassi strives to express through her work a new world, a new consciousness, what is unknown, what can be felt with the heart rather than analyzed by the mind. A reminder of the connection we have with the universe and that we are souls living a human experience. Throughout her life, Angelica has dived into design and art on several different scales since the start: from architecture (2006) to interiors, to product design(2013) to artworks (2020). Perhaps with the unconscious aim to always get a little closer and more in sync with her inner self. In an evolving growth process that would allow her to find her own voice, to silence her mind, and release freely who she really is. As an Artist, she totally expresses what she really wants to share out into the world, LIGHT. Her artworks have a clear mission, use the power of color and form to uplift our emotions, lives, and spaces.


For Angelica deciding to vibrate high is a lifestyle. Starting 2021 in the need to transcend her abstract Art into other mediums, Tcherassi has engaged into diverse Collaborations including distinguished design companies with whom projects are in the pipeline from fashion labels to home accessories to design art furniture to candies ; ) Her designs have always caught the attention of the Design world, appearing in renowned magazines worldwide, and capturing the hearts of art and design lovers. Good vibes just don’t lie.


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