Camille Vignaud

Camille Vignaud is the founder of the La Chambre Graphique studio, which for 10 years has been creating publishing objects, books, and imagery for artists, cultural institutions & luxury houses. 

Camille Vignaud currently devotes herself to research and personal artistic practice, in addition to La Chambre’s publishing and consulting work. She currently teaches in the history of image-making at several schools of applied art and runs workshops around light & paper. Her work questions ideas of memory – like a photographic imprint of passing time & impression. Camille’s paper works illuminate the process of sublimation and contemplation, revealing the residual layers of time that form our ‘souvenirs’.  Like the wind that erodes the mountains, memories are a reality shaped by the passage of time. The resurgence of a memory is often elusive – a game of appearance and disappearance, a play between reality and illusion. 

In Vignaud’s paper works, the mechanisms of remembrance – be they universal or individual, are captured in their full resonance. Some are pale impressions, while some make deep marks – embellished, weathered & re-worked made exactly as memories form. Papers, image fragments, words, graphite, gold, and light are both the vectors and the revelatory that allow us to compose memories and emotions. In the annals of our psychogeography, matter and light become archaeology of memory, revealing the significant beauty of the infra-ordinary. 

To dive into the materiality of an artwork is to probe the contours of our memories and question their meaning. Oscillating between the industrial and the precious, the process speaks to the universal and yet individual memories held by us all.


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