The history of the GORKOVENKO brand began with the creation of piece, unique interior items that are applicable in the studio’s own projects. As the company grew and developed, the philosophy and images of objects and spaces of the studio began to find a greater response in the hearts of art connoisseurs, subsequently transforming into a full-fledged design product with constant models, catalogs and new trends, and offers. The skills of masters of various crafts, a unique design and understanding of spatial solutions were transformed into a single organism, a design language that today sounds on all objects and objects of the studio around the world.

GORKOVENKO is an art that you want to interact with. This is art through feelings.

GORKOVENKO style is a synergy of contrasts, colors, shapes and textures. It combines Slavic motifs, vibrant saturated colors, allegorical images, ironic ideas and forms. Our idea and mission: to create art with which you want to interact and live, which inspires the creation of new and beautiful. Objects designed to give space to magic to inspire and create a unique atmosphere in any space. Natural materials in rethought forms and interpretations.

“I grew up in a family of architects, followed in their footsteps, creating projects, saturating my mind and imagination with ideas from childhood. From the very beginning, I set myself the goal of creating unusual spaces and objects that can inspire people and motivate their imagination – it was a childhood dream that became a reality, ” – Grigorii Gorkovenko.


gorkovenko- yo2 design studio
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