Malika Novi

Malika Novi was born in Smolensk, Russia in 1982. From her childhood she was fond of drawing, art and sculpture. After school she started her education in fashion design, studied at Smolensk professional school of fashion and the Institute of Fashion Industry (IIM) in Moscow. Two years later decided to change direction and started to study Interior and environment Design at Smolensk State University, while also devote a lot of time to classical painting, sculpture and craft. Malika graduated in 2011 as an artist and interior designer and moved to Milan in 2012 starting her career.

Malika participated in many exhibitions and was a member of InFlusso Movimento Artistico a group of Milanese artists. In 2012 she attended the Brera Academy in Milan and graduated in 2015 as a Product Designer. In 2017 has been awarded with a scholarship offered by the Cappellini Group to participate intake of Italian Product and Furniture Design Master’s Course held at The Istituto Marangoni Milano School of Design. She designed for companies like Quasar Holland and London Art.

In 2018 became a part of Prisma Project the group of alumnus of Istituto Marangoni Design School. She currently lives and works in Milan.


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