Pericles Liatsos

Pericles Liatsos Designers is a professional company offering a complete range of interior planning and design services as well as product design, focused on both residential and commercial spaces under the design lead of Pericles Liatsos.

A staff of exceptional design talent has the experience of developing comprehensive interior planning for regional and international projects. The office has a team of interior designers, 3d specialists and a separate product design section. All personnel has degrees from the most famous design schools worldwide including Master Degree in Interior and Living Design at the Domus Academy Milan, BA in Interior Architecture London Metropolitan University, the Architectural Association School of Architecture, Interior Design at Manchester Metropolitan University, Master of Arts from Rome’s Quassar in Interior Architecture, Master of Arts in Interior Design and Information Technology at UCE, UK to mention a few.

The office is led by Pericles Liatsos who’s moto is that Interior Design is the harmonious fusion of elements that provide functionality, aesthetic appeal and comfort – elevating our quality of life. It is a dynamic profession that defines purity in form, function, balance, and color harmony. Ethics, respect for quality and ecological awareness are essential components of interior planning and design. Pericles gained his BA in Industrial Design at the Academia Delle Belle Arte in Roma and his Master of Arts from Rome’s Quassar in Interior Architecture.


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