Rachel Altabas

Rachel Altabas is a native of Tarn, a French Département in the south west of France. This region is located near the border with Spain, a country which fostered her inspiration and awakening sensitivity to colours, painting, architecture and adornment. Such artists as Picasso, Miro and Gaudi have left their deeply rooted stamp in her memories.

Drawing and painting have been her favorite means of expression ever since she was a child. She has always taken a deep interest in her environment and she has developed an early passion for objects and textiles which led her, at the age of 15, to start studying Applied Arts, first in Toulouse and later at the Duperré Art School in Paris, where she respectively followed the Fashion and Design and Fashion and Environment courses.

It was at this time that she started exploring new forms of research in modelling arts applied to clothing and garments. She comes to maturity and blossoms in various fashion houses like Christian Dior, Martin Margiela. However, it was in the silk department of Christian Dior that she specialized in colouring and textile designs.

In 2015, she decided to open her own creation studio. Both figurative and abstract forms pervade and often entwine in her entire work thus enhancing the powerful impressions conveyed by colour. The luxuriant vegetal ornamentation and sophisticated design mingle with the presentation of geometrical polychrome patterns inspired by the powerful works of Ettore Sottsass. Her work is characterized by the wide diversity of mediums she uses : painting, pencils, pastels, textiles or even screen printing. A rich and varied range of motifs which rest on the refined work deliberately made by hand.

Today, she develops new collaborations notably in the domain of fashion and decoration by creating designs for Inouitoosh, Kilometre Paris, Coralie Marabelle and Christian Dior amongst others.


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