Republic of iibyiv

The Republic of iibyiv is a forward-thinking, international product and furniture design studio with a focus on thoughtful exploration of materials, forms, and systems. The team designs timeless products that last. Every project aims to transform any space into a dynamic and memorable environment. They always start with research about contemporary culture, manufacturing capabilities, and the latest sustainability tactics to deliver carefully-crafted collections that enhance life. 

The studio is life-centric, process-driven, and result-oriented. Their design process relies on conceptual thinking, rapid prototyping, and multiple iterations to refine the initial idea. But more importantly, they believe in partnering with like-minded manufacturers, understanding their production process, and leveraging their strengths to turn conceptual designs into distinct pieces that are both innovative and cherished. Today, their industrial design team is proud to have over 70 products in production. Rooted in the unparalleled knowledge and experience of their founders —Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook since 2012, the Republic of iibyiv has received 49 international awards, cementing it as a global leader in the design of sought-after luxury products.


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